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Introducing the new Prophetic Number necklaces collection! 

I believe God loves to speak through numbers. He created them, afterall! Throughout the Bible, we can study how God spoke specific messages through numbers. 

Whenever I catch the clock at 11:11, 12:34, 2:22, I am reminded of different Bible verses that have correlating number patterns—and I want to share these with you!

Each necklace is uniquely hand-stamped and hand-crafted to tell the story of how God is speaking to you through numbers. Every necklace comes with Bible verses and a prophetic message to inspire your walk with Jesus.

Whether you are looking to get a meaningful gift for a friend, loved one, or stranger, or you want a reminder of God's promises to you, these necklaces are the perfect pick. Plus, they are great conversation starters to share your faith with others!


Sales go towards funding my ministry, the Embolden Co., to equip harvesters for the field!

I have availability for a limited supply of custom prophetic number necklaces for number patterns of 1-4 numbers (examples: 2, 5, 34, 37, 234, 5511, etc).

ONLY 10 CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE! Click here for custom orders.

Prophetic Number Necklaces

  • Details:
    Each necklace is hand stamped, making each one unique and imperfectly perfect. No two pieces are exactly alike because of this! Enjoy dainty, simple designs for every day wear!

    - 14k gold-filled 16 inch chain (with 2 inch extender up to 18 inches)

    - Sterling Silver 15 in chain (with 2 inch extender up to 18 inches)

    - 12mm 24K gold-plated brass pendant; or
    - 14mm 24K gold-plated brass pendant; or

    - 12mm Sterling Silver plated pendant

    Plus: Each necklaces comes with a prophetic description of the number as well as corresponding Bible verses you can lean on as reminders of God's goodness towards you!

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