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About Us

All of God's promises are yes & amen

It's not easy waiting on a promise from God...

But you're not alone in the journey!

Even when the path is hard and the process seems never-ending, God is faithful to fulfill his word and promises over your life!

Hi, I'm Mariel! Prophetic Promises started as a creative branch of my ministry, Embolden Co., to encourage you and remind you of God's promises over your life.


Check out my new book, Prophetic Promises here.


I occasionally hold seasonal fundraisers for my ministry, Embolden Co., through hand-made jewelry and encouraging prophetic words. Check it out here.

Check out the podcast here!

Keep reading to learn more about what we do!

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Embolden Co.

Prophetic Promises

Prophetic Promises is a branch of Mariel Villarreal's ministry, the Embolden Co.

We are passionate about equipping the body of Christ in the power and love of the Holy Spirit. We want to see the fullness of the promise given in Joel 2 and Acts 2: that as God pours out His Spirit, his sons and daughters will prophesy, dream dreams, and have visions.

In the times we are in it is imperative that we hear God. We need the report of the Lord. We need to understand the language God is speaking to us in and major in miracles, signs and wonders.

The world is hungering to know the living God, but they are seeking in the wrong places. We are on mission to change that! 


Through equipping people around the world in the prophetic gift, our main goal is to raise up followers of Christ that bring revival to the nations and reveal the living hope of Jesus Christ.

Our necklaces are a reminder of God's word and promises.

We hold seasonal fundraisers through Prophetic Promises to raise funds for Embolden Co., so we can continue the work God has called us to—making disciples and equipping the nations for revival.


Thank you for your generous support!


It's time to arise and shine and fulfill the great commission ... for Jesus is making a bride ready for Himself!

To learn about our training programs, mentorships, retreats, and more, check out our main ministry page here.

To become a ministry partner, please go here!




Prophetic numbers belong to God. Miracles, signs and wonders belong to God. They are not an end in themselves, but they point us to our Creator, and draw us deeper into relationship with Him when we pray and seek His face for the meaning in the beautiful and often whimsical ways He communicates his heart with us.

I love correlating numbers with biblical meanings and patterns we find in scripture. We see examples such as the Lord commanding the Israelites in the book of Joshua to march around the walls of Jericho 7 times for 7 days with 7 priests carrying 7 trumpets. God was preaching a message of completion and victory through the number 7! 


For another example ... whenever I see the number 333 in my daily, I am reminded of Jeremiah 33:3. That when I call to God, he will answer. Seeing this number fills my heart with hope. It's a reminder that Jesus is calling me to come and spend time with Him.


When we pursue Jesus and open the scriptures to find out what He is saying through things like numbers, the fruit of our search should always be deeper relationship with Jesus. It's a beautiful thing! 

Our prophetic number necklaces are a reminder of God's word ... a reminder to call out to God and look for his response. 

He speaks in wild and wonderful ways ... and He is revealing His loving nature all of the time. He loves us that much.

What We do

Social Media Ministry

Prophesying to bring hope and breakthrough


supporting and championing women

Prophetic Community

Creating a powerful family of encourageres

Prophetic Schools

Equipping the nations for revival

Retreats + Events

Pursuing God together

Books, resources, courses, and fundraisers

Spreading the hope of Jesus Christ

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

About Mariel

Jesus, creativity, and coffee

Creating beautiful, hand-made jewelry that speaks a message is a new found joy! I've always loved collecting little gifts and mementos that represent words and promises God has given me. Through the prophetic promises collection, others can now have their own keepsakes that remind them of God's promises!

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